Yin Yang Game (Nitrome) Hints

Level 5 – Pen And Ink:

 Yang can’t get past the birds by himself even with the best of timing.  He can endure touching two of the birds, but will die from touching the third bird.  Yin can help Yang by pushing the black crate nearest his flag over the edge it is sitting near.  This will allow the third white bird to float higher each time it goes up and down giving Yang time enough to go past it and on to his flag.

Level 6 – Drum and Bass: 

Pretty obvious how to solve this level – jump on top of the pigs and shift over a crate when necessary to climb over a wall.

Level 7- Peaches and Cream:

Switch to Yin since Yang can’t jump over walls until Yin has shortened them.  Yin can easily jump over the pits in his world and push each crate to fill the nearest pit to its left so that it becomes only one crate height deep.  Since these pits in Yin’s world are the walls in Yang’s world, Yang can then jump over these shortened walls.

Level 8- Rock and Roll:

Another fairly obvious level to solve.

Level 9 – Sugar and Spice:

Another fairly obvious level to solve.


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