Narnian Secrets: Book 1: The Magician’s Nephew

Example 1: A situation like Pandora’s Box

<Ch.2: Digory and his Uncle>
…”They let old Mrs. Lefay out before she died and I was one of the very few people whom she
would allow to see her in her last illness.  She had got to dislike ordinary , ignorant people, you understand.  I do myself.  But she and I were interested in the same sort of things. It was only a few days before her death that she told me to go to an old bureau in her house and open a secret drawer
and bring her a little box that I would find there.  The moment I picked up that box I could tell by the pricking in my fingers that I held some great secret in my hands.  She gave it me and made me promise that as soon as she was dead I would burn it, unopened, with certain ceremonies.  That promise I did not keep.”

Example 2: Another situation like Pandora’s Box

<Ch. 4:The Bell and the Hammer>
They both looked at it hard and,  as you might have expected, the letters cut in the stone were strange.  But now a great wonder happened: for, as they looked, though the shape of the strange letters never altered, they found that they could understand them.  If only Digory had remembered
what he himself had said a few minutes ago, that this was an enchanted room, he might have guessed that the enchantment was beginning to work.  But he was too wild with curiosity to think about that.
He was longing more and more to know what was written on the pillar.  And very soon they both knew.  What it said was something like this — at least this is the sense of it though the poetry, when you read it there, was better:
Make your choice, adventurous Stranger;
Strike the bell and bide the danger,
Or wonder, till it drives you mad,
What would have followed if you had.
“No fear!” said Polly.  “We don’t want any danger.”
“Oh but don’t you see it’s no good!” said Digory.  “We can’t get out of it now.  We shall always be wondering what else would have happened if we had struck the bell.  I’m not going home to be driven
mad by always thinking of that. No fear!”



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