Q1: Who found the first Iguanodon fossil?

A1: Mary Mantell found a strange rock in her home country of England that looked like a giant flat tooth.  Her husband, Dr. Gideon Mantell, showed the fossil to Samuel Stutchbury, an expert on iguanas.  He showed Dr. Mantell two iguana teeth that were exactly like the fossil, except for their size.  Dr. Mantell later discovered more complete iguanodon fossils in stone quarries.  He imagined that a giant reptile from the past had left behind these fossil remains.  He named this creature iguanodon which means “iguana tooth” in Latin.

~source: “Iguanodon and Dr. Gideon Mantell by Brooke Hartzog, copyright 1999 by the Rosen Publishing Group.


Q2: Where have iguanodon fossils been found?

A2: According to the website http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/dinosaurs/dinos/Iguanodon.shtml:: “Hundreds of Iguanodon fossils have been found around the world, especially in Belgium, England, Germany, North Africa, and the USA.”

Q3: What does an iguanodon tooth look like?:

A3:see http://www.lindahall.org/events_exhib/exhibit/exhibits/dino/man1825_l2.shtml

Q4: Where can one see a lifesize statue of what Iguanodon may have looked like?

A4: At Dinosaur World Park.  One of these parks is located just outside Dinosaur Valley State Park at 1058 Park Road in Glen Rose, Texas.  One picture of an Iguanodon at this park is on Flickr at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/whelan/2337973859/

Q5: Where can one see a complete Iguanodon fossil skeleton (e.g. at a museum)?

A5: One picture of such a complete Iguanodon fossil skeleton is on Flickr at:


Q6: Where is a good website of a coloring book picture of an iguanodon?

A6: http://thecoloringspot.com/images/dinosaur/iguanodon.jpg


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