Bible Questions

Q1:  How often is snow mentioned in the Bible?

A1:  (see Jeremiah 18:14; Job 38:22; Psalm 51:7; Isaiah 55:10; 2 Timothy 4:21) 

Q2: Where did people in the Bible get their water from?

A2: (see John 4:11)

Q3: What ate King Herod from the inside out?

A3: (see Acts 12:23)

Q4: Did Jesus know he would be resurrected?

A4: (see Mark 10:34)

Q5: Why did the Israelites smear blood on their doors?

A5: (see Exodus 12:23)

for more questions like these see “102 Questions Children Ask About the Bible” by James C. Wilhoit, Rick Osborne, David R. Veerman, Daryl J. Lucas, Copyright 1994 by the Livingstone Corporation and Lightwave Publishing Inc.


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