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President Obama’s Egregious Disregard of the Law

January 18, 2012

Recent Appointments by the President without consent and approval of Senate is further evidence of yet another egregious disregard for the law and the Rule of Law.

Here are some great links to videos that explain just how egregious and abusive of power this man has become:

Henry Ross discusses how Obama’s latest appointments continues the abuse of the Rule of Law:
Henry Ross on Obama’s Unconstitutional Appointments

‎”…form and process are the glue that holds together our republic…If our chief executive doesn’t have respect for the law then what does that say about the respect for other executives, other branches of government in terms of abiding by the Constitution…so there’s real Constitutional uproar here; short term political gain for the Presidency…over the long term what does it do to the Constitution…could there be a lawsuit? Yeah there could be a lawsuit here…” quoting Peter Johnson Jr. on Fox News interview:
Peter Johnson Jr. discusses Constitutional Crisis of Obama’s recent non-recess appointments without Senate approval

“…This goes far beyond what previous presidents have done. The president is in a sense telling the Congress that they aren’t actually in session. That’s a huge violation of the principle of the separation of powers. The senate should be in a position to determine it’s own rules, to determine when it’s in session and when it’s not, it’s a coequal branch of government…”
President Obama Takes the Law Into His Own Hands and Makes “Recess” Appointments

Members of Congress React to Obama’s Abuse of Power