Heartless Uncertainty

When it comes to people, “heartless” implies not the absence of heart, but the existence of a heart that is cold towards others.  In contrast things such as formal laws, markets and frameworks cannot be “heartless” for the simple reason that they can’t have hearts to begin with, i.e. such things don’t have feelings.  And yet it has ever been the vain practice of misguided individuals to attribute the term “heartless” to such systems and institutions as if they were purposefully antagonistic towards some individuals.  Such preconceptions lead some to impose ad hoc perturbations to the established order of things in their attempts to right these imagined wrongs.  As more perturbations are introduced for more special interests, the less objective and more arbitrary the whole existing framework becomes.  Exceptions to the rule inevitably beget more exceptions and the whole process snowballs away from anything resembling certainty and order.  Individuals find themselves less able to plan their futures with a greater frequency of change in the order of things, i.e. the rules by which they might fulfill their goals unimpeded.  In the end, the more men try to assign “heart” and subjective fairness to frameworks and laws, the more they work against the inherent nature of such things to operate blindly and justly with no respect to persons.  Such men cannot allow such mechanisms and frameworks of law to simply follow general principles  ignorant of particular individual circumstances.  Such efforts to impair impartiality by ad hoc adjustments to benefit specific individuals inevitably kick against the pricks of natural laws upon which frameworks of law are ultimately founded upon.  This frustrates the efforts of their fellow man struggling to find some certainty under the Rule of Law as opposed to the capriciousness of the Rule of Men.  It is this rude imposition of uncertainty which makes such efforts to inject heart and soul into soulless, heart free, unfeeling and intangible objects such as the Law which makes such attempts and their promulgators truly “heartless” when it comes to the aftermath of real, lasting devastation to the Rule of Law which they create for society in general.


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