Mother May I Posit Some Arms Bearing Liberties

Mother May I defend myself from violent assault or deter it by carrying a handgun?  Mother May I presume myself some sane, innocent and mentally capable unless criminal behavior on my part proves otherwise?  Mother May I exercise my constitutional rights without the intervention of the state?  Mother May I exercise those rights without the hassles of licensing and processing fees which while inexpensive to some are more prohibitive and costly to those on already tight budgets?  Mother May I have the audacity to suggest that law enforcement can’t be everywhere at once and have even claimed that they aren’t necessarily responsible for defending the average citizen?  Mother May I even have the boldness to declare that we have the right to carry anything we want handgun or otherwise unless or until we choose to harm others by such means outside of our legal right to self defense?  Mother May I suggest that criminals aren’t deterred by tougher regulations on weapons, but rather tougher punishment for crime?  May I suggest that tougher regulations on weapons only serve to disarm law abiding citizens?  Mother May I reject the notion that my property and my being serve the needs of the collective society rather than my own self-interest?  May I reject the notion that self-interest doesn’t equate with self-centeredness?


Please support efforts such as Carl Wimmer’s recent efforts to eliminate the requirement for a state concealed weapons permit in Utah.  Let’s also stop asking the government “Mother May I?”  and become more independent, self-determining and responsible individuals.


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