The Past Year

This year has been full of memorable events.  Nationally, the first black president has unfortunately been accomplished by a man aligned with the most crooked and ideologically perverted persons in the nation and perhaps the world.  Never before has the Constitution of the United States hung by a thread, and barely suspended above the consuming reach of the flames of fascism.

Demagoguery abounds as the president and Congress of our country are increasingly apt to pass legislation that burdens the people with ever growing taxes or unceasing increases in spending that adds to the national debt.  All this is done under the false pretenses of providing the people with gifts.  Some groups clamor for more such bestowals of government provided riches despite the inevitable bankruptcy of our nation.  Some such groups even demand the guarantee of future bestowals and falsely frame such demands under the context of rights.  This being done despite the truth that god given rights never have and never will involve depriving some of their freedom and/or property to satisfy the demands of others.

One such false demand to tax and enslave future generations is the demand of the majority party in Congress, the Democrats, and others for Universal Health Care.  Such want to establish such a provision as a guaranteed right.  They continually try to play on our emotions by portraying those in need as victims in need of the general welfare.  Certainly our hearts go out to those in need of help, but shame on those who use the needy as pawns in promoting a socialized system that robs us of our liberty and dignity!  Government has always been force and must always be regarded with utmost caution. lest it enslave us all in the special interests it inevitably favors.

It is such unjust use of government that demands retribution!  How much longer will we endure tyranny and oppression under such false leadership!  The President of our United States, Barack Obama and many in Congress like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi should be tried for treason for they have betrayed the very Constitution they swore to defend as they have embraced the spirit of despotism and the close knit ideologies of fascism and communism.  They erode the very fabric of this once great nation as they continue to build up a state religion that increasingly shrinks the role of the family and its benevolent protector, God the Father of us all.  They should be tried for treason, the punishment for which can be exile or even death as a last resort.  Hopefully no one needs be put to death for their treasonous actions, yet the seriousness of their offense shouldn’t be regarded lightly.  Hopefully justice shall be dealt and the Rule of Law restored as opposed to the arbitrary mandates of powerful magistrates and czars of an increasingly corrupt government.


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