Ten Things to Thank our President For

  1. He helped reform former tax cheats and collect their back taxes by offering them jobs in his cabinet.
  2. He removed some undesirable persons from Congress through their becoming members of his cabinet.
  3. During his administration the true nature of some politicians and organizations were exposed to public scrutiny.
  4. Renewed interest in the U.S. Constitution and its meaning as intended by its Founding Fathers developed during his administration.
  5. Voter participation and grassroots political activity from various political parties increased during his presidency.
  6. Awareness of States’ rights increased during his administration.
  7. Increased awareness of the dangers of big government and the Nanny State.
  8. Increased outrage and protest against high taxes and ever increasing government spending that enslave future generations to costly, unaffordable, and repressive social programs which degrade the proper role and function of the sacred unit of the family.
  9. His administration helped the sales of guns and ammunition that have armed a militia of private citizens who know damn well that all their rights ultimately hinge upon the 2nd Amendment.
  10. He got a lot of people closer to God.

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