Everything Has A Price

A friend recently posed the question: “Should we put a price tag on life?”.  Our loved ones are priceless in our eyes.  Yet Mt. Everest has shown that some expeditions were deemed too expensive to abandon in order to save the lives of less fortunate climbers.  Whether we like it or not there is a price tag on life.  Individually or as a whole, we can only afford so much.  Do you give all your money to all charities?    It depends on your personal means and priorities.  Should you feel guilty every time you eat ice cream or buy your kids new shoes, because there are starving kids somewhere else in the world?  Certainly it is good to sacrifice some selfish desires to help others and be a good samaritan. Yet there needs to be a balance.  Our human nature might backlash into a rash embrace of over self indulgence, if we don’t allow ourselves some guilt free pleasures.

Would you be upset if a friend forced you to join their church and/or donate to their favorite charity?  Yet we do this all the time when it comes to government.  Which state religion might be in power may change, but we’re all re-baptized willingly or not when that does happen.   It’s time to change this, and limit government to its original role of establishing liberty and justice for all, rather than enslaving us all to the combined special interests (the state religion) of the whole.


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