Universal Government Care Violates Separation of Church and State

Here’s some tweets recently posted on Twitter that raise the question of our government’s new state sponsored religion of Liberal Fascism violating the separation of church and state: (see julesGverne on Twitter):

Is Universal Health Care a violation of separation of church and state? It is if it’s compulsory membership in a state religion (Fascism).

Compulsory compassion preached by the new church of Universal Government Care is a violation of church and state! Obama is an antichrist!

Many people are warmed up by the promises of some of Obama’s statements and overlook the bitter truths hidden in his other statements.

Obama’s learned the fine art of disarming his listeners with some friendly statements and then subtly introducing his opposing true views.

Obama’s comparison of mandatory health insurance and auto liability insurance fails to mention that people aren’t forced to be drivers.

Obama contradicts self in the same breath: “we’re not talking about big government….but sometimes the government does need to step in”.

Obama lies just enough to gain rapport with most and then subtly weaves in his true agenda of tyrannical executive power.

We don’t want a state religion! We don’t want Universal Government Care! No compulsory membership in this Obamanable Satanic Sect!


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