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True Vs Fake Values

June 7, 2009

According to the eternal natural laws of the universe, everything has a Price and every price sets a value.  When man pretends to know better than these natural laws he kicks against the pricks and needlessly suffers.  Still, some persist in trying to assign false values to things.  In the world of economics, such attempts involve wage controls, tariffs, subsidies, and price controls that always result in the propagation of false signals and confusion.  In the world of moral values, it leads to the acceptance of perverted lifestyles and practices.  One such example is that of gay marriages and civil unions that are gay marriages by any other name.  I was shocked to learn that even our own former governor was an advocate of tolerating such perversion. 

In our everyday lives, some have honestly gained the rewards of their service after having payed the associated costs.  Yet others seek rewards without sacrifice and end up burdening others by living at the expense of others.  My own experience has reinforced this.  When my wife and I were first married, we invited people into our home under the false pretenses of them being from our church.  Unfortunately these persons did not only belong to our church, but were misusing this trust to push a legalized ponzi scheme upon us, the Amway pyramid scheme.  There are many other pyramid schemes that similarly enslave the time and efforts of men in desperate attempts to gain money at others’ expense.  Another experience that has left a bitter taste in my mouth was inline at the voting polls I overheard two grandmothers talking about their kids.  One grandmother had the audacity to suggest that the other grandmother try to get her newlywed daughter and her husband into government subsidized housing.  I couldn’t help but wonder why they could even suggest this when so many have taken the more honest approach of renting an apartment, saving up and perhaps seeking family assistance in pursuing the American Dream rather than burdening the taxpayer with another government subsidy, however well intentioned.

Perhaps the prevailing attitude is however in favor of assigning things false values.  What could be more comforting in the short run than to think that those things we once paid so dear for are now on the discount rack.  What incentive is there to work hard when our very own U.S. president is a flaming communist?  Yet despite our vain efforts, a cost will be exacted to balance out our false payments.  There is yet a balance sheet that must bleed red even after we attempt to weigh things on a false scale.  Ultimately real values exact payment and justice prevails.  Eventually we find our day of reckoning.  Eventually God Himself reminds us of what we owe Him.  Eventually we realize just how precious our souls are worth.  We realize just how dearly we have been ransomed, and just how damned we are if we cling to the vanities of this world.