Support the Enumerated Powers Act – A Bill Long Overdue

Below is an article on the Enumerated Powers Act, a bill long overdue.

I hope to God that something like this gets enacted soon before Obama empowers the Progressive movement to become our more permanent overlords with a Hitleresque Enabling Act (if he hasn’t done this already with the stimulus bill, a.k.a. Socialist Programs R’ Us omnibus bill).   

I would also suggest a long overdue Constitutional Amendment to require Congress to have a balanced budget.  Indebting our children has been an evil in this country since Alexander Hamilton ingeniously but sadly got the world to invest in America’s debts.  This Constitutional Amendment has been well thought out and outlined in the book “Free to Choose” by Milton Friedman.

However with all the demagoguery and patsies to the movements that seek to continue unabated the kind of freebie government entitlement programs and subsidies to Americans and businesses (industry has long been in bed with government seeking special priviledges — just look at IBM and how much money they have invested in maintaining political influence in Washington) that an apostle denounced in the latest LDS conference, I think that the likelihood of such amendments are slim.  It’s too tempting to rob one another.  The problem with pirates in Somalia is really just a symptom or a manifestation of a worldwide moral disease that has infested all of mankind.  This disease will continue until the moral decay of Socialism and anarchy are replaced with the freedoms under a Rule of Law and a government that actually honors the Constitution under which it was founded.  Hopefully revolution won’t be necessary to reinstitute such a Rule of Law and eradicate the Rule of Arbitrary Whims and Legalized Plunders.  Socialism is to pirateering as privateering was to pirateering.  One may be legal, but its still ruthless and plundering.

I just finished reading an excellent book “Coming out of the Ice” on what the Progressive movement can ultimately lead to — the horrors of the Soviet Union as detailed by one who went over there as an American with his father (who as a former Russian had wanted to help the Russian industry after the revolution).  This American was Victor Hermann, and he miraculously survived a political prison camp, 10 yrs of hard labor in prison camps in the frozen north lands of the U.S.S.R. and exile in Siberia.  It was a very emotional read — one sees parts of this man’s experience where he got through by his own fierce will to live and then a few times where but for the grace of god he wouldn’t have made it.  And I relived my own experience of seeing the aftermath of Soviet rule in East Germany.  I may not have mentioned it, but I witnessed some things on my mission that left me with a very real impression of the evils of the former Soviet Union — the kind of evil that makes the hair on your back stand up, the kind of evil that you can feel like a dark mist in the room.  I met some of the unfortunate victims of Soviet political cruelty in hospitals — some physically maimed, some mentally ruined or retarded.  I witnessed a whole people who were morally bankrupt because of 40+ years of oppression of freedom of religion.  I learned firsthand from former members of the “Junge Pioneeren”, a Soviet Youth movement that many if not all were required to join and serve in, just how indoctrinated they were — they sarcastically recounted the rubbish they had to recite, the comic books and propaganda they had to read that attempted to brainwash them into believing the lies of the worldwide progressive movement.  One such comic book mocked the bible stories.  Another pamphlet provided 10 commandments the youth were to live by — almost identical to the original ten commandments of the bible, but replacing god with the state.  I heard many elderly people recount stories of the cruelties of the Soviet troops in their occupation of Eastern germany — one woman told me that no woman at that time dared go out for longer than necessary, and no one in their right mind wore high heels or anything that might betray her as a woman to those Soviet troops that might rape her of her virtue.  I met one middle aged woman who had been encouraged to breed for the state — that’s right have licentious relations with whomever and give up her children to state run nurseries.  This is like straight from the twisted mind of that ancient Plato who although he did us some good in providing a shadow of the greatness of his teacher Socrates, also provided us with his own twisted views of politics and communal living.  And in apparent contradiction to this I met another younger lady whose parents had forced her to have 5 abortions and who met us on the doorstep with the mind of a 9 yr old.  Not to mention having met and taught the 8 yr old son of a Russian lady (who felt compelled to prostitute herself in order to make ends meet) whose husband, a Russian officer had abandoned them.   And while there still were churches allowed in East Germanytrue freedom of religion and expression were everywhere repressed.  It is no coincidence that the churches in East Germany had hidden baptismal fonts underneath floor panels.  

In light of this experiences and others, I know in my gut and heart what evils Socialism embodies and embraces.  I have felt the depressing shadows of the same spiritual bankruptcy creeping into our own country in just the last decade.  It’s an evil that you can taste and sense unless you’ve become too accustomed to it or brainwashed by the Progressive movement. I hope to God that it’s not too late for this country.  

Here’s the promised article on the proposed Enumerated Powers Act:


Legislator to colleagues: ‘Your laws not authorized by Constitution’ 
Posted: April 09, 2009 
11:00 pm Eastern 
By Chelsea Schilling 
As a reminder of the federal government’s limited powers, 20 representatives want to ensure that every single piece of legislation passing through Congress includes a statement citing specific constitutional authority for enacting it. 
Sponsored by Rep. John Shadegg, R-Ariz., H.R. 450, or the Enumerated Powers Act, states, “Each Act of Congress shall contain a concise and definite statement of the constitutional authority relied upon for the enactment of each portion of that Act. The failure to comply with this section shall give rise to a point of order in either House of Congress. …” 
When he introduced the proposal Jan. 9, Shadegg gave a House floor speech reminding his colleagues of limited authority granted in the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution
It states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” 
Stand up for the Supreme Law of the Land and shock your fellow citizens into thinking with WND’s “Legalize the Constitution!” magnetic bumper sticker. 
“What that means is that the Founding Fathers intended our national government to be a limited government, a government of limited powers that cannot expand its legislative authority into areas reserved to the states or to the people,” Shadegg said. “As the final amendment in the 10 Bill of Rights, it is clear that the Constitution establishes a Federal Government of specifically enumerated and limited powers.” 
For that reason, Shadegg said he has introduced the Enumerated Powers Act each year that he’s been in Congress. 
“This measure would enforce a constant and ongoing re-examination of the role of our national government,” he said. “… It is simply intended to require a scrutiny that we should look at what we enact and that, by doing so, we can slow the growth and reach of the Federal Government, and leave to the states or the people, those functions that were reserved to them by the Constitution.” 
Shadegg said the act would perform three important functions: 
1. It would encourage members of Congress to consider whether their proposed legislation belongs in the federal level in the allocation of powers or whether it belongs with the states or the people. 
2. It would force lawmakers to include statements explaining by what authority they are acting. 
3. It would give the U.S. Supreme Court the ability to scrutinize constitutional justification for every piece of legislation. If the justification does not hold up, the courts and the people could hold Congress accountable and eliminate acts that reach beyond the scope of the Constitution. 
John Shadegg, R-Ariz. 
He said the Founding Fathers granted specific, limited powers to the national government to protect the people’s freedom. 
“As a result, the Constitution gives the Federal Government only 18 specific enumerated powers, just 18 powers,” Shadegg noted. 
Beginning with President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, he said, Congress has ignored the 10th Amendment and greatly expanded federal government. 
“Let me be clear,” he said. “Virtually all the measures which go beyond the scope of the powers granted to the Federal Government by the 10th amendment are well-intentioned. But unfortunately, many of them are not authorized by the Constitution. The Federal Government has ignored the Constitution and expanded its authority into every aspect of human conduct, and quite sadly, it is not doing many of those things very well.” 
While many believe government “can do anything,” that is not what the Founding Fathers intended for the nation, Shadegg contends. 
WND columnist Henry Lamb has been urging voters to contact representatives and ask directly if they will co-sponsor and vote for the Enumerated Powers Act, or explain why not – in writing. 
The legislation has 19 co-sponsors – all Republicans. 
Lamb suggested the act become the theme song of the tea parties taking place around the nation. 
“Nothing short of massive public pressure will force congressmen to take a position on this important bill.” Lamb wrote. “Nothing short of a return to the Constitution can save this great nation.” 
Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., chairs the House Rules Committee, and Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., chairs the House Judiciary Committee – where the act was referred Jan. 9 and remains today. 
“Both of these committee chairs should be bombarded with phone calls and e-mails asking that H.R. 450 be brought to the House floor for a recorded vote,” Lamb wrote. 
Shadegg said the federal government has acted too long without constitutional restraint and has blatantly ignored principles of federalism. 
He urged his colleagues to join him in “supporting a review and a criticism and an evaluation of the proper role of the Federal Government in order to empower the American people and to distribute power as the Constitution contemplated it.”


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