When will someone with any power in Congress say “This is unconstitutional!” to all the Hitler-like Enabling Acts ala emergency powers and bailouts and stimulus packages being shoved through U.S. Congress.  When will those with any morals left in Congress say “our states choose not to go along”.    Will the five conservatives on the Supreme Court say “No more” to the porkulus packages and resurrection of FDR’s Imperial Socialism?

Hopefully those with any morals left in Congress are secretly meeting with like-minded individuals and those still loyal to the Constitution.  Hopefully some such individuals are ranking members of the U.S. military.  It’s a scary thought but wouldn’t you hope that those who have sworn to defend the Constitution would rise up and lead a Revolution, a coup de tat to take back this country’s freedoms by force? Storm Washington and with as little bloodshed as possible, dissolve Congress until they accept a repeal of the 16th Amendment, reestablishment of states’ rights, and an Amendment forcing a balanced budget!? Especially since our freedoms have been robbed, raped and trampled on by those who justify their actions by fact of their election?  In what way did their election victory give them the right to step over the bounds of our country’s Constitution?

Walter Williams has all to well elaborated on how our Constitution is lightly esteemed by the socialists in power:

As to justification for rebellion and revolution you don’t have to look far.  Just look at one of our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence.  Substitute “Obama” and “liberals in Congress” in for King George.  Consider just how far we’ve come back round to being enslaved under the same oppressive tyranny of taxation without representation that began with the villainy of our 16th Amendment.

How soon till more citizens themselves decide to not pay their taxes?  Some dare not refuse to pay the Sheriff of Nottingham since their wages would be garnished.  Increasingly more wouldn’t have the option as they became the new serfs of the state, peasants under King Obama’s new feudal lords (loyal cabinet members and union leaders of his socialist work programs).


One Response to “Revolution?!”

  1. WPHB Says:

    Viva Revolution!

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