Can Texas secede?

With Congress gang raping our Constitution to the applause of our new black Hitler, I hope that Texas and other states that have traditionally stood up for states’ rights will say enough is enough, if you’re not going to abide by the Constitution then we will, even if it means being a separate country! I still can’t believe that the porkulus package (aka “stimulus” bill) has been rushed through Congress before even the Democrats have time to read it through. This in my opinion is because our new Hitler is using this as his enabling act, with provisions stuffed to overflowing in this bill giving the government unprecedented and unconstitutional powers to create socialized medicine, socialization of the economy, even more strangling restrictions of the free market and start the Fed’s printing presses churning out even more money. Talk of green energy makes me sick when I read of how Jimmy Carter played the same game to our great expense. Carter talked of a fragile dependence on foreign oil which OPEC was selling us oil at around $20 a barrel then, while Carter and Congress were forcing domestic oil producers to keep prices around $5 a barrel. Then he had the audacity to suggest we break our dependence on oil via alternative energy sources. Obama is just another Jimmy peanut-headed Carter. Carter suggestions for energy independence were just as evil as suggesting that a family should become more self-sufficient right after you have the father of the family executed. Today Congress and Obama are using double-speak to redefine simple phrases such as “tax cuts” to mean “more taxes with more welfare checks cut” instead of its traditional meaning of across the board cuts in taxes.

Can Texas secede? It has the resources to!

I doubt that Utah would secede, but if Texas does I would proudly hang the Texan flag above Old Glory until Old Glory’s glory is restored. Governor Huntsman is a big liberal tree hugging woosy who calls himself Republican. Just this week he endorsed stepping forward for more laws making civil unions like unto marriage. The backlash from Proposition 8 passing in California has begun a war of political subterfuge in Utah with the local gay friendlies playing a game of slowly introducing legislation that will gradually bring us to gay marriages in Utah. Also they are intimidating Utahns who financially supported Proposition 8 by creating web sites that show amounts, names and locations attached to political donations for Proposition 8 on a google map like web interface.

It has truly become as in the Book of Mormon where our laws have truly become corrupt and it is time for cleansing the inner vessel — by civil war if necessary. Let’s impeach this disgrace for a president with a real distinguished black man like a Thomas Sowell or aWalter Williams,someone who won’t write Congress a blank check or consider election victory to mean total disregard for the Constitution and the rights of States and the People that can rightfully assume all rights not expressly given to the Federal government by the U.S. Constitution.


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