It’s All About the Revenue (taxes).

Heard about this on the radio on Jan 6th – those liberals in Oregon are at it again, devising new ways to tax us, and setting a precedent that might be adopted nationwide – a mileage tax.  Forget about maybe cutting government spending, our first priority has to be keeping the revenue coming!,2933,475507,00.html 

The internet, once free of taxes is becoming yet another growing source of government revenue.  Why bleed someone with a large wound when you can kill them with death by thousands of pin pricks?Isn’t that more fun?  Here’s an article on how Amazon is fighting such taxes:,2817,2291410,00.asp

Even more depressing is the recent news from California that they might be issuing IOUs for tax refunds.  Can Californians claim this next year as a charitable contribution?  Here’s a link to the story:,0,7471181.story

Taxes are not just being used as revenue, they are also being used as a whip to break our wills and force us into submission like some dumb animal. Evidence abounds of this latter growing trend in taxes being used for social engineering by modern day nazis:

Food nazis:

Article on soda pop tax:
“Soda pop tax won’t quench lawmakers’ thirst for levies on sweet, fatty foods”

Vice nazis:

Article on cigarette tax:
“Huntsman wants to push cigarette tax to $3” at:

Gun control nazis:

“Obama’s record on firearms triggers run on sales in state” at:


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