Why Iraqi Freedom Is So Vital (General Georges Sada)

I thought I’d share quick info on a very interesting book by a former general of Saddam Hussein: Georges Sada. The book is entitled “Saddam’s Secrets: How an Iraqi General Defied And Survived Saddam Hussein”. Sada was unique in that he was trusted by Saddam (he wasn’t a yes man like many of Saddam’s top brass). He was also unique in that in a predominantly Arab and Muslim led country he was Assyrian and Christian. He defied Saddam in saving some U.S. airmen prisoners of war from being executed by the grace of his own authority in the military. This could have cost him his life, but miraculously he only lost his post.


The book is interesting in the facts it presents about the military situation in Iraq. If one is to believe Sada, then Saddam still had weapons of mass destruction as late as 2003, as U.S. intelligence claimed in trying to get world support for an invasion of Iraq by coalition forces.

A similar confirmation of WMDs in Iraq was issued in the following report from Fox news. Liberals however are likely to disbelieve Fox news since it doesn’t always cater to the mainstream left-leaning media’s tendencies for truth bending biased news, e.g. propaganda:





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