Why Politics don’t warrant Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship is appropriate for sports.  Why?  A game is just a game after all and no hard feelings should remain post game.  Both teams hopefully tried their hardest and one team won. The most that should have been lost by a team or individuals of the team is honor, pride and health (if injured).   If anyone lost their shirts over the game then it was their own faults to have engaged in that idle practice of gambling.  Neglecting the rare event of injuries, no dire lasting effects are to be had post game. 

Goodwill towards others is certainly warranted in sports.  Wins by another team over your team should be incentive for your team to become more competitive for the next game.  Your loss may have lost you an opportunity to continue playing in a tournament or playoffs, but shouldn’t have any lasting effect on your everyday life. 

Politics is different.  Here the games are about power and the losses can be much deeper and more lasting.  The losers’ lives can be adversely affected: their very rights and livelihoods are at stake and not because they were idle gamblers.  Goodwill towards those who may have robbed them of their rights and property becomes more an inner struggle of trying to “turn the other cheek”.  Resentment and strong emotions are understandable.  It’s not simply a matter of being the better person and having good sportsmanship when it comes to politics.  Its often about whether you succumb to being pushed around and oppressed or whether you fight back in words or deeds.

That said, the offices of those in authority should normally be respected.  Whether one agrees or disagrees with a president, governor, etc., one should usually afford the office of such persons some dignity and respect.  When is the exception of not affording such persons respect justified? When such persons betray the trust of the people they represent by going against the fundamental oath of their office in defending the Constitution and Natural Law (God’s Law).  It is at such times that men must fear (respect) that which is morally right rather than such men that betray them.  Like Shiphrah and Puah they continue delivering and preserving the good if only extralegally.  Even the soldiers of our country ultimately swear allegiance to the Constitution rather than to the President, even though he is the Commander in Chief.


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