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Hail or Heil to the Chief!?

November 22, 2008

How well do you know the newly elected President of the United States Barack Obama? How similar is he with a well known historical figure (identified as PersonX below) on various issues?  What light does this shed on our new President?


PersonX believed strongly in racial purity and segregation for the sake of supposedly maintaining a superior race of individuals.

Obama formerly associated himself with a racially antagonistic preacher, Jeremiah Wright.  Only after facing the heat of public scrutiny during his presidential campaign did he divorce himself from the statements of this preacher who claimed that AIDS was a disease developed by our government as a weapon of genocide against colored peoples.  (see

Population Control:

PersonX sponsored the abortion of over 6 million lives in death camps.

Obama voted in favor of controversial late term, partial birth abortions. 
At the website “” it states: “In 2004, 839,226 legal induced abortions were reported to CDC from 49 reporting areas.” Do a million abortions performed per year in the U.S. alone warrant the same soul searching reflection as the holocaust?

Obama also worships at the altar of environmental extremism and its cousin the Zero Population Movement.  He supports a “Cap and trade” policy involving carbon emission credits between countries.  China claims automatic credits for reduced carbon emissions via its draconian measures of population control, including abortion.  Obama’s support of “cap and trade” could therefore be seen as advocating U.S. funding of Chinese abortions.

Negotiate With and Host Terrorists:

PersonX negotiated a treaty with a real terrorist, Josef Stalin, a man responsible for the cold blooded murders of millions he felt prudent to liquidate.  PersonX befriended another terrorist minded dictator named Mussolini.

Obama said during his campaign for President that he would be willing to meet and negotiate with the president of a nation well known to sponsor and harbor terrorists, Iran.  Obama’s past association with terrorists and their sympathizers also raises questions.  What should one think of his friendships with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi, a known supporter of the Palestine Liberation Organization. 


PersonX belonged to a worker’s party of National Socialists.

Obama is often referred to as the Redistributor, a progressive socialist whose ideals ultimately equate to those of Fascism.

Radically alter Constitutional government, albeit by legal means:

PersonX used the excuse of needing extensive power and authority to suppress violence and unrest as well as fulfill a promise to end unemployment. After thugs in his party set fire to the seat of government a quick vote of the legislature soon thereafter granted PersonX his extended powers.  PersonX then used his extended power to legally alter the constitution so radically that he effectively became dictator and established his own reign of terror and oppression.

Obama in a 2001 interview with Chicago Public Radio stated his beliefs in a need to dissolve many of the Constitutional restraints on government established long ago by a much wiser and more prudent generation of freedom loving individuals, the Founding Fathers of this once great country.


Why Iraqi Freedom Is So Vital (General Georges Sada)

November 18, 2008

I thought I’d share quick info on a very interesting book by a former general of Saddam Hussein: Georges Sada. The book is entitled “Saddam’s Secrets: How an Iraqi General Defied And Survived Saddam Hussein”. Sada was unique in that he was trusted by Saddam (he wasn’t a yes man like many of Saddam’s top brass). He was also unique in that in a predominantly Arab and Muslim led country he was Assyrian and Christian. He defied Saddam in saving some U.S. airmen prisoners of war from being executed by the grace of his own authority in the military. This could have cost him his life, but miraculously he only lost his post.


The book is interesting in the facts it presents about the military situation in Iraq. If one is to believe Sada, then Saddam still had weapons of mass destruction as late as 2003, as U.S. intelligence claimed in trying to get world support for an invasion of Iraq by coalition forces.

A similar confirmation of WMDs in Iraq was issued in the following report from Fox news. Liberals however are likely to disbelieve Fox news since it doesn’t always cater to the mainstream left-leaning media’s tendencies for truth bending biased news, e.g. propaganda:,2933,200499,00.html

November politics Notes:

November 18, 2008

A great link on why socialized medicine sucks:

Why Politics don’t warrant Sportsmanship

November 6, 2008

Sportsmanship is appropriate for sports.  Why?  A game is just a game after all and no hard feelings should remain post game.  Both teams hopefully tried their hardest and one team won. The most that should have been lost by a team or individuals of the team is honor, pride and health (if injured).   If anyone lost their shirts over the game then it was their own faults to have engaged in that idle practice of gambling.  Neglecting the rare event of injuries, no dire lasting effects are to be had post game. 

Goodwill towards others is certainly warranted in sports.  Wins by another team over your team should be incentive for your team to become more competitive for the next game.  Your loss may have lost you an opportunity to continue playing in a tournament or playoffs, but shouldn’t have any lasting effect on your everyday life. 

Politics is different.  Here the games are about power and the losses can be much deeper and more lasting.  The losers’ lives can be adversely affected: their very rights and livelihoods are at stake and not because they were idle gamblers.  Goodwill towards those who may have robbed them of their rights and property becomes more an inner struggle of trying to “turn the other cheek”.  Resentment and strong emotions are understandable.  It’s not simply a matter of being the better person and having good sportsmanship when it comes to politics.  Its often about whether you succumb to being pushed around and oppressed or whether you fight back in words or deeds.

That said, the offices of those in authority should normally be respected.  Whether one agrees or disagrees with a president, governor, etc., one should usually afford the office of such persons some dignity and respect.  When is the exception of not affording such persons respect justified? When such persons betray the trust of the people they represent by going against the fundamental oath of their office in defending the Constitution and Natural Law (God’s Law).  It is at such times that men must fear (respect) that which is morally right rather than such men that betray them.  Like Shiphrah and Puah they continue delivering and preserving the good if only extralegally.  Even the soldiers of our country ultimately swear allegiance to the Constitution rather than to the President, even though he is the Commander in Chief.