“20000 Leagues Under the Sea” Part1 Ch03

Chapter 3:

Question 1: The following passage from chapter 3 mentions the American flag with 39 stars.  Which states of the modern 50 star U.S. flag hadn’t yet attained statehood?

“Then the frigate, following the coast of New Jersey along the right bank of the beautiful river, covered with villas, passed between the forts, which saluted her with their heaviest guns.  The Abraham Lincoln answered by hoisting the American colours three times, whose thirty-nine stars shone resplendent from the mizzen peak; then modifying its speed to take the narrow channel marked by bouys placed in the inner bay formed by Sandy Hook Point, it coasted the long sandy beach , where some thousands of spectators gave it one final cheer.”

see U.S. Statehood Dates and Order

Question 2: Is there a passage of the North Sea?  Is it only passable in the summer?  What explorers tried to discover such a passage?

Question 3:  Where is the Jardin des Plantes in France where Professor Aronnax had a little lodging?  Have you too ever been homesick?  Are the homeless homesick?  Do astronauts get homesick?

Question 4: Is it self demeaning to speak to someone else in the third person as Conseil supposedly did according to Professor Aronnax?  Does he speak in this mode of speech throughout the rest of “20000 Leagues Under the Sea”? If not is this only because Professor Aronnax recorded the events and may have recorded Conseil’s speech in more familiar modes than Conseil actually spoke?

Question 5: The Abraham Lincoln’s engines admitted a pressure of 7 atmospheres.  Were the engines of this time period typically piston steam engines, self combustion engines, or turbine engines (either steam or hot gas powered like a modern jet engine)?  How high does the pressure of a self-combustion engine get in its cylinder?  Is this pressure different from a diesel engine as opposed to a gasoline engine?

Answer 5: The Abraham Lincoln was steam powered as evidenced by the question posed near the end of this chapter: “Is the steam full on?”

Question 6: 500,000 plus people saw the Abraham Lincoln depart to sea.  In our day almost every American was glued to a t.v. set when the rocket carrying the first astronauts to the moon was launched.  Many more rockets have since been launched but the audience size has diminished.  Why?


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