“20000 Leagues Under the Sea” Part2 Ch19

Question 1: “… that he was sad and irresolute I could see by the vessel, of which he was the soul, and which received all his impressions.”

How are we the souls of the “vessels” we inhabit, e.g. our homes, our cars, our buildings, our spaces?

Question 2: What is the Gulf Stream?

Question 3: Professor Aronnax appeals to Captain Nemo a second time for the liberty of him and his companions to quit the Nautilus and return to civilization.  Again the captain refuses saying: “M. Aronnax, I will answer you today as I did seven months ago: Whoever enters the Nautilus must never quit it.”  Aronnax then replies: “You impose actual slavery on us!”  Captain Nemo then says: “Give it what name you please.”  To this Aronnax replies: “But everywhere the slave has the right to regain his liberty.”  Captain Nemo then answers: “Who denies you this right?  Have I ever tried to chain you with an oath?”

Does Captain Nemo mean by this last statement that the Professor and his friends can still regain their liberty if they successfully attempt it, but that he won’t just hand it to them?  How is this like Adam and Eve choosing to leave the garden of Eden?

Question 4: Are there storm waves, squalls 15 ft high, 150-175 yards long and travelling at 30 ft per second?

Question 5: Was the town of Yeddo, actually destroyed on Dec. 23rd, 1864?

Question 6: Does the Gulf Stream help cause some ocean hurricanes?


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