“20000 Leagues Under the Sea” Part2 Ch18

Question 1: Captain Nemo again saves Ned Land’s life.  Ned has in turn saved Captain Nemo’s life.  If one kept a score of how many times each had saved the other’s life, who would be ahead by now, Captain Nemo or Ned Land?

Question 2: Can poulps (cephalopod’s) regenerate their own limbs if severed?

Question 3: What were the 250 air holes observed by the Professor on the inner side of the tentacles of a cephalopod?  Do they make such tentacles have  greater suction than a normal rubber suction cup that adheres by changing its shape and creating a partial vacuum? Is it harder to remove such living suction cups, because they are better able to keep their suction via such air holes maintaining a vacuum despite small air leaks from the edges of this living suction cup (tentacle)?

Question 4: Do poulps really have triple hearts?

Question 5: What is the chemical makeup of the ink that cephalopods can release?  Could one make usable pen ink from it? 

According to Dr James Wood at the cephalopod faq on the following website has stated: “Cephalopod ink is a mixture of melanin, the pigment that gives the ink it’s color, and mucus”.

see http://www.cephbase.utmb.edu/

You can order squid ink from some online gourmet food stores.  The shipping is costly because the squid ink is perishable and has to be express shipped in  a container that temporarily refridgerates it.  Here is one such website:



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