“20000 Leagues Under the Sea” Part2 Ch10

Question 1: Are swordfish carnivorous or herbivorous?

Question 2: Is the Nautilus and its refueling station under an extinct volcano interior that the Nautilus entered by an underwater passage mentioned in another book written by Jules Verne?  Is Captain Nemo mentioned in any other works by Jules Verne besides “20000 Leagues Under the Sea”?

Answer 2: Yes, the Nautilus and its secret underground station under an extinct volcano interior are mentioned in the book “The Mysterious Island” written by Jules Verne about some American Civil War soldiers who escape a prisoner of war camp by a scout balloon and end up sailing by balloon far out into the ocean and landing on an island.  The book details their survival on the island along with their encounter with the ever mysterious character Captain Nemo.  You’ll have to read this book to discover whether this Captain Nemo is younger or older than the Captain Nemo depicted in “20000 Leagues Under the Sea”.  It does provide some more clues as to Captain Nemo’s background.

Question 3: What types of subterranean submarine bunkers did the Nazis employ in WWII?

Question 4: In earlier chapters Jules Verne describes the Nautilus in Captain Nemo’s words as powered by electricity.  However in this chapter we learn roughly by what method this electricity is generated by.  The crew of the Nautilus mine coal from an extinct volcano’s interior.  This coal isn’t directly used to generate electricity but is burned for the manufacture of sodium.  This sodium is then loaded onto the Nautilus and used as the fuel to generate electricity, “feeding the elements” that somehow generate electricity on board the Nautilus.  Is Sodium really a fuel and how well does it burn?


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