“20000 Leagues Under the Sea” Part2 Ch08

Question 1: What rivers feed the Atlantic?  How does the volume of water added by these rivers annually compare to the amount of water evaporated and deposited by precipitation outside of the Atlantic ocean basin?  Does all water evaporated in a given year return to the oceans in that same year?

Question 2: Ned Land planned another escape for himself, the Professor and Conseil near the coast of Portugal.  What prevented this escape? 

Question 3: The Nautilus obtained great amounts of treasure from a Spanish treasure fleet in Vigo Bay that had been sunk by Admiral Château-Renand who scuttled his own ships on October 2, 1702 rather than surrender their treasure to a superior English fleet.  How much sunken treasure has been found and retrieved by divers?  How much gold and silver from the Spanish galleons lost at sea is still estimated to be unrecovered?  How much of an investment in time and money does it take to locate such sunken treasure and how much does the eventual find usually profit the treasurer hunters? (Does it take millions of dollars worth of man-hours and resources just to find a treasure worth millions in gold and silver?

Question 4:  How much gold and silver is dissolved in a given volume of sea water?  How much would gold have to be worth per ounce to make such extraction of suspended gold and/or silver from sea water profitable?

Question 5 – Was Nemo a philanthropist?  Did he give away his treasures to aid the poor and oppressed?  It is good to give away money to the poor, or is it better to provide them with jobs, preferrably well paying, honorable jobs?


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